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Drivers blow stop signs in front of Crown Candy Kitchen, owner says

“I drive around Soulard and the Hill and it’s like speed bumps are falling out of the sky in those neighborhoods,” Karandzieff said.

ST. LOUIS — The BLT may bring in the bacon at Crown Candy Kitchen, but the owner of St. Louis' oldest businesses said he’s concerned for customers visiting his north city neighborhood.

“People blow through the stop sign,” owner Andy Karandzieff said. “People pass each other in the parking lane or in the wrong lane. This morning I had a school bus blow through the stop sign.  It’s like really you’re carrying kids around.  It’s all day every day.”

Multiple accidents at the intersection have been caught by Crown Candy security cameras.

“I think about that when I’ve got families down here,” Karandzieff said. “I’ve got customers. Then I see my neighbors walking their dogs or taking their kids for a walk. I’ve had people crash into our fence. I’ve had people crash through our fence.  It’s a little bit terrifying.”

It’s an issue he can no longer ignore.

“I drive around Soulard and the Hill and it’s like speed bumps are falling out of the sky in those neighborhoods, Karandzieff said.

Working with Alderman Rasheen Aldridge, Karandzieff was able to get a meeting with city leaders set up for next week to discuss his concerns.

“Speed humps, flashing stop signs, bump-out curbs all of that stuff sounds great,” he said. “It will probably help. It won’t solve the problem because people are still going to drive like knuckleheads, but maybe it will slow people down.”

A spokesman from St. Louis' Mayor’s Office told 5 On Your Side they respect Karandzieff’s leadership in the neighborhood and look forward to meeting to address these concerns.

“Speed humps have been traditionally funded through board capital,” said Nick Desideri, a spokesman for St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones. “The Board of Alderman passed legislation on St. Louis Ave.  We stand ready to work with Alderman Aldridge to implement these measures when Ward funding capital is identified.”

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