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Crown Candy Kitchen property damaged — again

This is at least the third time Crown Candy's property has been damaged this year alone
Credit: Andy Karandzieff Twitter

ST. LOUIS — The owner of one of St. Louis’ oldest and most popular restaurants was recently the victim of vandalism — again.

Andy Karandzieff shared an image of one of the doors to his restaurant Wednesday morning.

The door was broken, and shards of glass were scattered across the floor. He captioned the photo with, “Happy humpday everyone.”

Karandzieff told 5 On Your Side it was vandalism and that no one had broken into the restaurant. He said a big piece of concrete was thrown through the glass door, breaking two windows. He said one of the windows was vintage.

This isn’t the first time this year Crown Candy has had to deal with property damage.

In February, a car went through a fence, just inches away from the store. Karandzieff said the two people in the car seemed drunk. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

"They had plowed through that fence, this fence, through our shed, hit the brick wall so hard it knocked bricks loose inside our garage. She never hit the brakes, she just plowed straight through," Karandzieff told 5 On Your Side in February.

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In January, two kids were caught on camera breaking a glass door of a Crown Candy office space. Karandzieff said they “destroyed” the door but didn’t get into the store.

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Credit: Andy Karandzieff

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