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'I think my father is turning in his grave' | David Dorn's daughters on their dad's widow speaking at RNC

David Dorn's daughters - Lisa Dorn and her sister, Debra White watched Ann Dorn's speech - at the Republican National Convention

ST. LOUIS — Two daughters of murdered, retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn listened intently to every word Ann Dorn spoke during the Republican National Convention's final night on Thursday.

"My reaction to her speech is still the same, I just think it was not necessary. My father was a registered Democrat and he did not believe in any of President Trump's policies or any of the executive orders that President Trump has put out," said Lisa Dorn.

Lisa Dorn and her sister, Debra White watched Ann Dorn's speech from White's St. Louis home.

Lisa and Debra's 77-year-old father, David Dorn, served nearly 40 years with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and then later as police chief for the Moline Acres Police Department.

On June 2, Dorn was shot and killed by suspected looters while working as a security guard outside Lee's Pawn Shop in north St. Louis.

During her RNC speech Thursday night, Ann Dorn said she "relives that horror in her mind every single day."

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Dorn, a St. Louis police sergeant, said her husband "was all about service."

David Dorn's daughters still say their dad's widow is making their dad's tragic death political and the two sisters did not support Ann Dorn traveling to and speaking at the Republican National Convention.

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"My reaction after her message still remains the same. What happened to my dad was a tragedy and had it not been for that tragic incident, I just don't think he would have been invited to the RNC," Lisa Dorn said.

"I think my father is turning in his grave. He's not resting in peace. I'm not resting in peace and that's all I want," said Lisa's sister, Debra White.

5 On Your Side reached out again to Ann Dorn and asked her if she had any reaction to her husband's daughters' concerns or claims.

Dorn said, "absolutely not."

Meanwhile, late Thursday night David Dorn's daughters also spoke out on CNN and on Friday the sisters are scheduled to speak with the Washington Post.

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