DE SOTO, Mo. — The De Soto community is reeling from a rash of student suicides.

The EMS chief for the Valle Ambulance District said at least five students have taken their own lives since January.

More than one of those happened within the last few weeks, although the school district superintendent declined to provide a specific number out of respect for the families who’ve lost their children.

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted a prayer service after the De Soto Senior High football game Friday night for students with the goal of helping them heal.

“I know my church. I’ll have people, they'll come up and pray with you and cry with you, and they just want to help you. A lot of people at school are like that too, they may not know the problem, but they just want to help. And I know a lot of teachers are like that too,” junior Kaden Nichols said.

The superintendent wrote a letter to the high school that will be published in the student paper next week.

Addressing Suicide in Our Community