ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Missouri politicians are taking action because of a NewsChannel Five On Your Side investigation and it may lead to a life-saving law.

The issue: protecting Missouri home owners from radioactive radon gas.

The invisible and odorless gas can be found in homes across our area and it puts victims at risk for lung cancer.

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Since November, Five on Your Side has reached out to 20 Missouri lawmakers about the lack of radon legislation in Missouri, and we heard back from Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal.

Days ago, Senator Chappelle Nadal filed Senate Bill bill 1149 requiring home sellers to disclose more information on Radon to potential buyers. She also wants sellers of homes to disclose if there have been positive tests for the gas on their property.

It’s an issue that hits home with Gloria Linnertz. The Waterloo, Illinois woman who lost her husband to cancer after living in a home that had unsafe levels of Radon, has been a tireless radon activist since 2008.

According to Linnertz, this legislation is the first radon related bill to be introduced in the Missouri state house in three years. Illinois, meantime, has already passed 11 laws that deal with radon awareness, testing and mitigation.