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Searching for Solutions: How Detroit can be a guide to get St. Louis back on track

With hundreds of millions of dollars coming to St. Louis, what opportunities have worked in other cities that could work in St. Louis?

Mark Maxwell, Greg Miller

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Published: 10:34 PM CST February 14, 2023
Updated: 3:28 PM CDT May 31, 2023

Few American cities understand the struggles of St. Louis better than Detroit.

The Motor City reached its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s as the post-World War II industrial economy roared to new heights, bringing middle-class jobs and wages along with it.

The decades that followed brought crime and corruption, decline and despair.

That iconic city that got America where we were going eventually broke down, went bankrupt and, much like St. Louis, needed more than a minor tune-up.

Some say the Rams settlement could offer the funding the region needs to make a comeback similar to Detroit.

5 On Your Side is committing as a news organization to finding solutions. We are committed to searching for ideas to turn our region around, and we are starting in Detroit.

Credit: KSDK

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