WRIGHT CITY, Mo. — The Wright City Fire Department is hoping to keep other dogs safe after a dog was killed and 4 others had to be rescued from a burning doghouse Tuesday morning.

A post on the fire department's Facebok page said the fire happened at around 9:10 Tuesday morning. The five dogs were trapped near the large doghouse that caught fire. Four of them were rescued, but one died.

Fire officials are not sure what caused the fire, but they think it may be related to a heat lamp used to warm the doghouse.

If you use a heat lamp to warm your dog's doghouse, the fire department has some tips to keep your dog safe:

  • Clean up cobwebs and dust
  • Keep wires out of reach
  • Double secure the lamp
  • Never put a water bucket under the heat lamp
  • Use heat lamp cages
  • Keep lamps away from bedding
  • Check lamps for frayed wires