ST. LOUIS — A dog rescued from the cold by Stray Rescue late last week was euthanized after the dog bit a vet tech over the weekend.

It all started Friday when Stray Rescue got a call from someone saying there was a freezing dog on the sidewalk. When they got there, they found Faust the dog and rushed her to their trauma center.

They got Faust breathing on her own before taking her to Veterinary Specialty Services(VSS) for more treatment.

Stray Rescue said they got a call on Monday saying Faust bit a vet tech at VSS. Stray Rescue said instead of calling their organization, VSS called the St. Louis County Health Department which euthanized the dog.

Spring Schmidt, the acting director of the Health Department, said the health department got a call from VSS saying Faust bit a vet tech and broke the skin. Schmidt said St. Louis County Animal Care and Control took Faust and began running tests. They said the dog displayed signs of neurological defects and had no history of rabies vaccinations.

Schmidt said if the dog was healthy, they would have observed her for 10 days to see if she was showing more signs of neurological issues. Schmidt said because Faust was not healthy, the health department had to abide by Missouri law and euthanize Faust.

Missouri law and a St. Louis County ordinance both say a dog with potential rabies can't be transferred to another facility or rescue.

Faust's brain will be sent for rabies tests, which can take weeks to complete.

The vet tech who was bitten is being treated at a local hospital.

A statement from the St. Louis County Health Department said, in part:

The mission and priority of St. Louis County Animal Care is to protect the welfare of every animal in our care and we take that responsibility seriously. While we regret the necessity of this outcome, it was clearly in the best interest of the animal and the public. All applicable laws and protocol were followed in this case.