ST. LOUIS – You may have not even gone outside during this weekend’s winter storm, so as the weekend comes to an end and the snow starts to taper off – it’s important to remember to clean off your car before you hit the road.

While it’s not illegal to drive with snow on the roof of your car, it could still lead to legal action.

According to a Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesperson, if snow slides from your roof to your windshield or windows and you are in an accident you can be found responsible for not taking proper precautions for weather conditions. He also said, if the snow were to freeze over and then become dislodged and cause an accident, you would likely be held liable for any damage.

Officials recommend you clear your vehicle of any accumulation from your vehicle to keep yourself and others safe on the roadways.

'Please remove the snow mattresses off your vehicles before driving. They’re impossible to tie down,' Missouri State Highway Patrol said on Facebook with the photo below.

Missouri State Highway Patrol

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