ST. LOUIS – People in Dutchtown said taxi cabs are making their street unsafe and they’re ready for a change.

Stephanie lives in the south city neighborhood, she said unruly taxi drivers are causing problems for many homeowners in the area.

"I just want it to be safe for my neighbors. We see the cabs speeding up and down the street, parking on both sides of the street, running stop signs all the time," Stephanie said.

Stephanie said due to the amount of taxi drivers constantly parking on the street, it causes people who live on the block to park further away. This makes their commute home even more dangerous due to high crime in the area.

“I've heard neighbors talk about having to park around the corner or park across the street and that's not fair," Stephanie said.

Stephanie even tried calling the taxi company to complain but she said she never got any of her questions answered.

That’s when 5 On Your Side took this issue to the traffic commissioner. The traffic commissioner also works with the taxi cab commission to designate loading zones. Once they were made aware of the situation on Louisiana street, they agreed to help fix the problem.

They suggested the taxi’s now load away from homes, next to the vacant high school down the street. An answer Stephanie said she was seeking all along.

“Somebody's listening, somebody's willing to do something about it, that's definitely a move in the positive direction," Stephanie said.