ST. LOUIS – It’s official. An iconic diner known for its burgers, slingers, and cheap food will reopen.

Joel and Shawna Holtman told 5 On Your Side they plan to reopen Eat Rite. They haven’t set a date, but they plan to start a kickstarting campaign to raise money for the renovations. The Holtmans hope to have it opened before Cardinals opening day.

The diner is just south of Busch Stadium along the historic Route 66 at Choteau and 7th Street.

In October, an exhaust fan near the grill malfunctioned and the team at the diner was down to just four employees for the 24-hour operation. The Powers family told 5 On Your Side they were having trouble staffing the restaurant. “Really, I think it is time for us. I know it is time,” LB Powers said. The family was hopeful the diner would find new owners.