ST. LOUIS — In this house, everything has its place and every place has its thing.

"I like to run a pretty tight ship," says Holly Brouillard. But for Holly, it's how a busy house stays in control. "I do call myself the chaos coordinator."

It's how she stays sane.

"Once we had kids I had to get something in place. Being a working mom and trying to run the household and keeping it organized."

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The kindergarten teacher and mother of two coordinates the chaos by figuring out where things were going wrong.

"It's based on where we struggled as a family".

With that in mind, she made schedules.

"Because it is chaotic when you don't have a routine."

One for their morning routine. One for bedtime.

"Instead of me saying did you do this, did you do this, I can say are all the things marked off on your bedtime chart."

There's even one for driving the kids to school. "And everybody has a selfie."

The key to Holly's organization is to not wait until the last minute. "Time management is huge."

She saves time by doing things in advance. "The night before is huge."

While structure is valuable, Holly also points out the importance of being flexible.

"It doesn't always go smooth. And so you have to have that in the back of your head that it's going to be ok."

She offered these tips for smoothing out your routine. "Look at what you need to do throughout your day. Get that calendar organized. Get that schedule organized and all the rest of it will fall into place."

About the only thing Holly hasn't quite gotten a handle on is the family dog. Jersey, she said, has a mind of her own.