An uncle shares a desperate plea, six months after his nephew was hit and left for dead in North St. Louis county.

Robert Killian, 26, was killed in a late night hit and run in front of Townsend Elementary school in late December.

“No one deserves somebody to hit them and kill them and keep going and run over you. No, no one deserves this,” said John Harris, Killian’s Uncle. Killian had just graduated as a Masseuse and had a love of Rock and Roll music. He also played the guitar and had a bright future, according to Harris.

Harris now wants something done about a stretch of road that police say is a prime spot for accidents. The area in question is on parker road between old halls ferry road and highway 367. St. Louis County PD says there have been 29 accidents in that area in the past two years.

Harris says it's still hard to believe the callous actions that took his nephew's life.

“You're just going to run over a person, just hit and kill them? You might as well just put a gun in your hand and go shoot them. And walk away,” said Harris.

Harris says there have been no new leads in the case. He is hoping county leaders install speed bumps on Parker road to increase safety in the area.