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Family members hold vigil for house explosion victims

More than a hundred people showed up to the house in north county to pay their respects to the three teenagers and a young man killed in Friday's house explosion.

FLORISSANT, Mo. — The faces of four young men are printed on T-shirts worn by their loved ones during Wednesday night's vigil.

"My brother mouse, he was weird in a loving way. Lil T was very outgoing and he was annoying too he was a little annoying they both was actually for real," Diamonte Cooks said.

Cooks said his little brother, 18-year-old Damario Cooks, his 16-year-old cousin Travell Eason, 17-year-old Christopher Jones and 21-year-old William Jones were best friends.

"These four yeah, they was always in the garage together, doing something," Cooks said.

That's where they were when Cooks' house exploded just after 1:00 a.m. on Friday, killing all four of the young men.

Investigators say an illegal fireworks operation caused the explosion. 

The family says it was a gas leak.

"We really ain't hearing nothing from the police at all. We hearing stuff from the news and social media of what's going on, even though we was involved in the case," Cooks said.

Almost a week later, more than a hundred people showed up at the house to honor the lives lost.

"I seen they had a little cash tag over there, so I sent them some money as well. Just trying to help them out, make sure they're OK," Khris Rice said.

Rice gave the kids he mentors a ride to the vigil so they could pay their respects to 16-year-old Travell Eason.

"It was a little dramatic for the kids in my neighborhood. They kind of grew up with the guy, played basketball with him, went to school with him stuff like that," Rice said.

Whether you knew them or not, the families appreciated everyone who came to support.

"All four boys was loved by everyone. Not an ounce of hate in their heart. So, for closure for our families and to everyone else, to remember the boys for how they was," Cooks said.

Two men are charged with second-degree murder among other things.

Family members are pressing investigators to keep looking into the possibility that it was caused by a gas leak.

Officials tell 5 On Your Side they believe the blast was not caused by a gas leak but by materials from an illegal fireworks operation in the home.

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