A local teacher thought she was getting an award, but soon realized her students had a big surprise waiting for her instead.

Torrie Buehne, 24, teaches kindergarten at Stanton Elementary, in Fenton. Last week, she thought she won a staff award when her principal announced the school would honor her during an assembly.

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“Of course I was overjoyed because I do love my kids and I was excited, but I never imagined what was actually going to happen,” she said.

Behind the scenes, Buehne’s long-time boyfriend, 25-year old Brett Wolf, was planning a surprise.

“Whenever I decided that I was going to propose, I knew that I wanted to do something that had to do with her school and involved all of her former students and everything,” he said.

The couple, both from south St. Louis County, met near the end of college.

“We happened to live right across the street from each other out entire lives, and never knew each other,” Wolf said. “But once we started dating each other, we basically became inseparable after that.”

“I didn’t know there were guys like him out there,” Buehne “Just the sweetest guy ever.”

School officials and Wolf worked to make his grand plan happen. They chose a theme about “love,” and recruited Buehne’s former students to record a video explaining what “love” means to each of them. Stanton music teacher, Dan Steiner, produced a video of their answers.

WATCH: She said Yes

On Wednesday, the school gathered for an assembly. They were also raising money for Backstoppers, through "Caps on for Cops," to benefit first responders. Buehne’s father is a firefighter, so he was at the school that day, too.

During the assembly, school officials called Buehne forward and played the students' recording for her.
At the very end, the video played pictures of Buehne and Wolf, and a clip from the Disney movie “Frozen,” talking about a marriage proposal. Professional photographer, Kevin Harder, captured her reaction to the video, and prepared for the next and best part.

That’s when Wolf walked out to ask for Buehne’s hand in marriage. As the crowd of students, school officials and first responders cheered, she nodded yes.

“I could not have imagined a more perfect day,” she said.

“It was my family, my school family, my new family, all in one place -- literally with everybody that I care so much about. And it was the most special thing that probably ever have happened to me.”