Dorothy Morice has worked in the same school for more than half her life.

It was only appropriate to celebrate her 90th birthday in the office with co-workers on Wednesday.

"I never get up in the morning and say 'Gee, I've got to go to work today,'" Morice said.

She started working as a teacher's aid at the old Berkeley High School on Walter when she was 44, back in 1972.

"I enjoy seeing the students after they leave here," she said. "I meet them out and they tell me what they've been doing. They're married and they have families and they're successful. And I think that's what I enjoy."

She is now the principal's secretary at McCluer South-Berkeley High School.

Her secret to a long career with kids is to remember that we were all teenagers once.

"Well, I enjoy working with teenagers and I hope that just by being here, I make a difference," she said.

Morice also celebrated during the weekend with her family, including her seven children.

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