FERGUSON, Mo. – The Ferguson Youth Initiative is helping shape young minds to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

The group meets every two weeks to make dog biscuits to sell.

They bag the treats and sell them.

Aaron Harris leads the youth initiative.

“We can make 180 treats on one good baking day,” he said.

The kids get a $20 stipend for a baking day. There are usually about five kids involved.

Harris said it gives the kids experience running their own business, and gives them access to the community because the first lesson in business is, it's not what you know, but who you know.

"It's rewarding to see how they come into the market, and hear them discuss how they want to sell and what happened last week, we have two young men who have a competition with each other," Harris said.

They've been rolling, cutting and baking their way to success for the past year.

"The treats are all natural because they only use flour, cornmeal, broth and oil,” Harris said.

From their recipe, to their business strategy, it's all pretty simple.

Right now, their sales, are pretty hot, and they're rolling full steam ahead.

"We'll hopefully expand it to eight more shops. And get more kids involved in the program as well,” Harris said.