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Ferguson Parks & Recreation changes pool access after shots fired Memorial Day weekend

Ferguson police said one teen was struck inside a car while another bullet hit a home.

FERGUSON, Mo. — Ferguson Parks & Recreation decided to only allow their community pool to open to non-residents on weekdays for a fee Tuesday afternoon.

The change to the pool hours, which used to allow non-residents to swim during the weekends and holidays, came after violence erupted at the January-Wabash pool and park over Memorial Day weekend.

Captain Tim Harris, with the Ferguson Police Department, said a large fight broke out Saturday night inside the pool area, prompting the supervisor to close the pool.

Shortly after, a shooting occurred outside the pool area along January Road on a parking lot near the park. A car and home were both struck by gunfire.

Police received a call about a teen who was shot and taken to the hospital.

Officers also took nine juveniles into custody and detained an adult, who investigators questioned at the hospital. Each juvenile was later released to their family.

The incident has sparked a shift in how the city will do safety here this summer.

"To help alleviate any further incidents, the park is looking into hiring private security and naturally, the patrol division is doing extra patrols in the area," Harris said.

Non-residents will be allowed to use the pool during the week for a daily rate.

One dad of two said he reconsidered his plans to go to his community pool because of the incident.

“Our girls, especially the older one, loves to swim, and you know this summer, we were going to get swimming lessons and definitely had plans to frequent the pool,” Zach Lore said.

Lore’s father-in-law is a former mayor of Ferguson, and he believed in the growth of the area.

“Overall, I feel safe here in this community but there are instances like last weekend, where there's shots of gunfire,” he said. 

"Something has to change because it's getting out of hand," James Johnson, another resident who heard gunshots, said. 

As of Tuesday, no charges have been brought against anyone involved. 

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