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Ferguson residents concerned with ongoing mail delivery delays

The United States Postal Service says the pandemic impacted their workforce. They plan to continue flexing available resources to match the workload.

FERGUSON, Mo. — Lately, when Shameika Williams checks her mailbox, she's not sure if there will be anything in it.

"I knew things slowed up around the holidays, but they slowed up to the point where we were only getting mail once a month," Williams said.

She went to the post office in person and was able to retrieve her mail with a Photo ID.

"I had a package out for delivery today and I was expecting it when I got home but it was at the post office it wasn't out for delivery because she gave it to me," Williams said.

USPS Spokesman Mark Inglett said that the Ferguson Post Office management is aware of their delivery issues.

He said their workforce has been impacted by COVID-19 and they plan to continue flexing their available resources to match the workload.

"They told me about 90% of their carriers are out with COVID and they didn't have anyone to cover the routes. When I went into the post office, they had a big 'Now hiring part-time city carrier assistants' sign so I know they're in desperate need of help," Williams said.

Inglett included in his statement that the mail service is once again on schedule and a trip to the post office would not be necessary to obtain mail.

"I don't understand what they mean by flexing their available resources when we're still not getting mail regularly," Williams said.

Williams suggested sending automated messages about delays would improve the communication between the post office and residents.

"There are seniors who need their mail. There are people who work that still get checks in the mail. There are people who need documents that are coming by the United States Postal Service," Williams said.

Inglett encouraged anyone with mail problems to fill out a form on their website or to send a message to their Twitter page.