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Ferguson apartment complex posts notices threatening eviction for 80+ tenants

Dozens of tenants stormed the leasing office Monday with paperwork showing their proof of rent payments and rental assistance

FERGUSON, Mo. — Toni Eggerson has three days to pay $1,800 according to the Pleasant View Gardens apartments notice posted on Friday, threatening eviction. She wasn't the only one.

"It says that I have a balance of $2,135. When I go on the portal I have a balance of $0," Robin French said.

"They'll tell you, 'Oh you got three days or whatever like that, but you gave it to us on a day that you're not even open," Lazarus Israel said.

On top of these notices, many of the tenants say they've reported mold and leaks for months with no response from management.

"The leaking from the top apartment came down into my apartment which I had to stick coolers around in my house," Ava Buie said.

We knocked on the leasing office door to get answers.

No answer from management. Even as some residents left the office, they were quick to shut the door in our face.

"They're not telling us anything," French said.

More than 80 tenants received notices to pay outstanding balances within three days. They're either up to date on rent, waiting for rental assistance or behind on rent.

"I went in there, gave my story. I told them I don't owe anything, they told me 'write your number and we'll call you back on Friday', and that's all I got," Israel said.

Through all the confusion, Israel said one message is clear. 

"Don't live here, you know what I'm saying? Don't live here," he said.

Pleasant View Gardens was formerly named the Canfield Green Apartments. 

It's the complex where Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in 2014.

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An affiliate of the New Jersey-based Aria Legacy Group bought the complex in April.

We reached out for comment on Monday and Tuesday and are waiting for a response.

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On Tuesday, local leaders got involved. Ferguson Mayor Ella Jones held a press conference saying more needs to be done to keep families from becoming homeless.

"Nobody needs to be put out of their home when people are saying they paid their rent and there's a leasing office that doesn't want to open up their doors," she said.

Jones said she is planning to visit the complex Wednesday to speak with tenants and managers.


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