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Tenants at troubled Ferguson apartment hope new management will fix ongoing problems

Pleasant View Gardens Apartments' tenants hope the new staff will fix leaks, mold and sewage problems that have been going on for months.

FERGUSON, Mo. — In September, more than 80 tenants at the Pleasant View Gardens Apartments received notices threatening eviction. 

The owners let go of that management staff and hired new people who started on Nov. 1.

"I'm a woman, I should be able to take a decent shower and decent bath," Sharon Williams said.

Williams and her husband moved into the Pleasant View Gardens Apartments a year ago and said they have had maintenance problems ever since.

"The man upstairs, I think his toilet or something was leaking, bathtub and it just messed up the whole bathroom ceiling up," Williams said.

Their dishwasher has a leak, the refrigerator won't close properly and outside air comes through the cracked window and door frames.

"We're tired of going over there, telling them about the issues, nothing been done. That bathroom been like that going on 3 months, that is ridiculous," Williams said.

An affiliate from the New Jersey-based company Aria Legacy Group took ownership of the complex in April. 

They let go of the management staff that posted notices threatening eviction on more than 80 tenants' doors. 

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"A new landlord came over here and he did a walk through and he said he's going to try to do, it's going to take time but he did take pictures of everything," Williams said.

Williams said this isn't the first time they've dealt with new property managers, but she hopes it'll be different.

"I just don't know, maybe. I just don't know, but I'm hoping something'll be done," Williams said.

The new management staff posted letters on tenants' doors saying they're focused on resolving maintenance issues and enhancing the property.

That letter also says they've hired new maintenance technicians to fix those ongoing problems.

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