FERGUSON, Mo. — Ferguson's new police chief will start the job Monday.

Eighteen-year police veteran Jason Armstrong was named the new police chief on June 25. He will take the reigns from Frank McCall, who served as the interim police chief after Delrish Moss stepped down late last year.

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Armstrong joined the Forest Park Police Department in Georgia back in 2001. He held nearly every position with the department, including Interim Chief of Police.

Monday, July 8, will be his first day on the job.

A press release from Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III said Armstrong's focus is "to not only reduce crime but to foster positive community relations through a variety of community initiatives and partnerships."

The city council voted 6-1 in favor of appointing Armstrong. Fran Griffin was the only member who voted against the decision.

Several members of the audience said they wanted interim chief McCall to keep the job for good.

“They need to let Mr. McCall do his job and help us do his job to help us as a community to heal,” Latasha Brown said.

McCall’s supporters say he has experience in Ferguson, he knows the community, and they like the way he polices.

“Nowhere in America is a police chief with no experience preferred to one with lots of experience,” Cassandra Butler said.

But Ferguson’s mayor says Armstrong is the right fit, and he thinks Armstrong and McCall will make a good team.

“We found a candidate who we think is going to be great, who will think is going to be transformational for us, hopefully, be inspiring, bring new life and new leadership to our department, which is needed,” Knowles said.

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