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First responders rescue man from flooded vehicle just in time in O'Fallon, Missouri

Three first responders rescued the man from the vehicle Friday night shortly before it was overtaken by rising creek water, police said
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

O'FALLON, Mo. — An officer and two firefighters pulled a man from a vehicle that had gone into a creek Friday night, shortly before the vehicle was overtaken by rushing floodwaters.

The O'Fallon Police Department said it responded at about 9 p.m. after a vehicle plunged into a creek while trying to make a turn on Mexico Road near Bryan Road.

Officer Jordan Wilmes was the first to arrive. The driver had escaped the vehicle but his father was still inside.

The water was moving fast and rising quickly due to heavy rain, and police said Wilmes immediately entered the water to keep the man's head above water. 

Two firefighters from the O’Fallon Fire Protection District arrived and went into the water to help Wilmes. Together they pulled the man to the bank, where he was treated by St. Charles County Ambulance District paramedics.

Shortly afterward, the car was engulfed by the floodwaters.

The man was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Wilmes is an Army Cavalry Scout veteran and has been with the police department for two years. 

“This is living proof that heroes are amongst us," Police Chief Tim Clothier wrote. "Thanks to the brave officer and the firefighters placing other life above their own and ignoring the extreme dangers of the situation, an innocent life was saved. I applaud the firefighters and our very own Officer Wilmes for their heroism."


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