ARNOLD, Mo. – From the basement to the dumpster, Stacy Robinson of Arnold is sifting through flood damage yet again.

For the second time in less than two years, her house took on water as the nearby Meramec River reached historic flood levels this week.

“We did better than we did in the last flood. We only got four feet in the basement this time. We got eight feet last time,” Robinson said.

On Friday, her family spent hours trying to salvage whatever they could, including furniture and priceless keepsakes like family pictures.

“I was a pack rat with my kids. I saved everything. So I know that’s all down there,” Robinson said emotionally. She said she was hopeful the pictures and other cherished items could be saved.

With this flood, Robinson said they built a higher wall of sandbags around their home.

She said had they gone with a lower height, they would’ve taken on water on the first floor.

“It definitely would have come over the top,” she said.

Currently, the Meramec River is down a considerable amount from when it crested in Arnold.

But floodwater still covers several parts of town, including parks, streets and some homes that have been sitting empty since the flood of 2015.

In all, approximately 20 homes are believed to have received some degree of flood damage. It’s considered an improvement over last time.

“We had practice I guess you could say, unfortunately, from 16 months ago, but that definitely helped us,” said Councilman EJ Fleischmann, who’s ward covers the flooded area.

So now comes the process that Arnold and many other river communities have come to expect: clean-up.

Volunteers are being sought to help remove the same sandbags they helped put up just days ago.

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Anyone looking to help should meet at 8 a.m. Saturday at the parking lot across Arnold City Park on Lemay Ferry/JeffCo Blvd.

“These are our family and friends. We go to church with these people. We see them at the store, so having people come help, it’s amazing,” Fleischmann said.

As for Robinson, she’s trying her best to rebuild and recover.

But her patience with these frequent floods is wearing thin.

“I made a promise to my youngest son that I'll wait until he graduates high school, then we're moving,” she said.