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Flood victims in south St. Louis struggle to clean up, rebuild their lives

"I ran outside and just saw water everywhere. It was in my car and in my basement and it was so frustrating," said Brent Mackie.

ST. LOUIS — On Friday, Brent Mackie marked the first anniversary in his first home in south St. Louis.

However, he wasn't celebrating.

"It was crazy. It was like a scene out of a movie," said Mackie.

Mackie, 36, relived the shocking moments that were not scenes from a movie.

"I see the torrential downpour start coming and then I hear some trickling down in my basement," he recalled.

Fast moving flood water seeped inside his car and and basement on Arendes Drive near Bates Street Thursday during severe weather and thunderstorms.

"Today my glove box is still filled with water and so are my front and back seats. Everything is all muddy, too," said Mackie.

Mackie said in just 20 minutes all that water came gushing into his basement. It tore his door right off its hinge and once he got inside, he couldn't believe the huge mess.

Nearly three feet of water damaged the young musician's water heater, furniture and many more valuables.

"I lost my entire drum kit. The speakers from my stereo are completely trashed. It's pretty frustrating," Mackie said.

"That water came up really high. It's just heartbreaking," said Jessica Schumacher, Mackie's girlfriend.

Down the street:

"The wall just collapsed and all the water came running in, " said Juan Ortiz.

A terrified Ortiz and his dad took off "running" after the torrential rain also flooded their basement and left behind a large, gaping hole.

The family's dog survived, but Juan's beloved rabbit, Lola, died.

"It's so sad. I had her for three years. I couldn't get to her," said Ortiz.

Two hurting families suddenly forced to clean up unpredictable, muddy messes and start over.

"Luckily, we got a lot of family and they said that they would help us," Ortiz said.

"I've called every insurance agent that I could and now I'm just waiting. I guess we will rebuild form all of this mess," said Brent Mackie.

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District said it handled more than 200 calls from storm victims. 

Anyone who has questions or concerns, may call the company's 24-hour hotline at 314-768-6260.

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