The Roxana Football team has a motto this season: "One Team. One Goal."

There haven't been many wins this year, but the losses hurt a little less when you realize the goal is much bigger than the record.

"I told the guys and for me it kind of puts life into perspective," said head coach Pat Keith.

This season is all about number 75. Senior Allen Wright is unable to play this year while he fights stage four colon cancer.

The 17-year-old is now attacking the disease like an opposing quarterback. He's undergone two surgeries, six rounds of Chemo, with six more to go.

"It's been a challenging year, a lot of ups and downs but mostly positive," said Wright.

Positive, because of this community's response to Allen's diagnosis. The slogan: "Football is Family” is certainly true in Roxana.

Allen's family said about $30,000 have been raised to help pay medical bills. Other schools are even holding fundraisers during road games for Roxana.

"I feel so thankful for them. they are really great," said Wright.

It's not just money but memories. Allen was voted Homecoming King and when he was in the hospital on senior night, his teammates paid him a visit before the game and carried his helmet as they took the field. The team ended up winning its first game of the season that night.

"It really just tells you how great the people are and how supportive they are of what I'm going through and how amazing it is," said Wright.

In Roxana, it's” One Team. One Goal” on and off the field.