WASHINGTON, Mo. – Rise and shine! Who wants free gas to help start their Friday morning?

To show veterans and customers their appreciation, Bank of Franklin County is offering the community free gas today (11/10/2017) from 6 – 8 a.m. at the Zephyr Express in Washington, Missouri.

According to the press release, the general public will receive $20 of free gas and all veterans will receive $40 of free gas.

“This is sure to be a worthwhile event for the communities we serve. The goal for this event is to bring attention to Veteran’s Day and to host an event that will showcase our Veterans. It’s our hope that everyone will do something special for a vet today,” said Robert D. Dobsch, President and CEO of Bank of Franklin County.

Bank of Franklin County employees will be at the pumps making sure the is a full-service experience for everyone.

Zephyr Express is located at 6791 Highway 100 in Washington, Missouri.

You can find a map below. Don't see the map? Click here.