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Friends rally to raise money for south city carjacking victim nearly shot in the heart

"I can't believe you're still alive," her ER doctor said.

ST. LOUIS — Coworkers of a woman who was shot during a carjacking in August are going to be holding a fundraiser for her this weekend. 

Olivia was coming home from work at Herbie's in Clayton when she was shot in south St. Louis. 

The bullet landed just 4 millimeters from her heart. 

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Olivia doesn't have health insurance. So, her coworkers are rallying around her. They're hosting an event called #OliviAide on Sunday at Kingside Diner in Clayton. 

There will be a silent auction, a 50-50 raffle and other ways you can donate to help cover her medical bills.

"You realize that she was literally millimeters away, she could not be with us right now. First of all that's terrible to happen to anyone, but to someone who just turned 27, who's such a kind person, who's such a good friend, it's still hard to talk about," said Amanda Wilgus Manns, who's been bartending next to Olivia for the last several years.

Wilgus Manns said Olivia had her final check up this past Wednesday and her ER doctor came in to see how she's doing.

He said, "I can't believe you're still alive."

Olivia is back at work now and her coworkers are thankful she's okay.

The event starts Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at Kingside Diner in Clayton. It's $10 to get in the door. It's cash only or Venmo. You can also Venmo the fundraiser at @Olivi-Aide. 

If you'd like to donate, here's the GoFundMe page

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