DUBLIN — We're less than a week away from Halloween and for kids that means a chance to dress up and eat lots of candy.

But the Dublin Police Department is warning of meth that could be inside candy.

"Just last week, we seized some drugs [methamphetamine] and it looked just like SweeTARTs," Police Chief Tim Chatman said.

He says this is the first time his department has seen the pills, so they want parents to be extra careful this year.

"It's important for all the parents this Halloween to check the candy, be with their children, wear reflective-type clothing, flashlights," Chatman said.

That's a message Ashley Brown, a mother of two, hears loud and clear.

"I look through everything to make sure because there are some things I don't want him to have, like the smaller hard candy, so mostly he just gets lollipops," Brown said.

Dublin Police recommend parents stay with their kids when trick or treating, and look for other options instead of going door to door for candy.

"We just go to a fall festival that's local. We go to Liberty Baptist off of Claxton Diary. It's kid-friendly [and] they have lots of games," Brown said.

Chatman says you can even consider organizing an event yourself because everybody may not have your best interest in mind.

"Historically there have been events, all over the country, where people have been hurt, razor blades in apples. We have a lot of mean people out there," Chatman said.