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Guilford County Animal Shelter using TikTok for pet adoptions

Guilford County Animal Shelter is partnering with Lucky's Pet Resort and Spa to help get animals adopted.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Guilford County Animal Shelter and Lucky's Pet Resort and Day Spa have a common goal. They both want animals to live out happy lives in forever homes.

That's what sparked a partnership between the two. 

Shelter dogs often visit Lucky's to live the resort life, spa treatment included.

"For most of our adoption dogs who come over, its really the change of scenery that helps them the most," Aaron Strasser, owner of Lucky's, said.

Lucky's has taken close to 70 animals and fostered them, GCAS said.

"They provide them enrichment, they'll groom them, give them playtime, the staff spoils them rotten, and its helped so many of those animals be able to get their homes," Elaine Nolan, Animal Behavior and Enrichment Manager at GCAS, said.

Recently, Lucky's started using the app, TikTok, to make videos of the shelter dogs.

The shelter said it has been a tremendously helpful in getting the animals adopted.

"The more that they get marketed and seen and shown in a positive light its really sparked interest in them because some of these dogs don't show very well in a kennel, they're very stressed. So for someone to take them out and take these cute video of them, relaxing, playing, in a different light, really helps show that dog the way they truly are," Nolan said.

The shelter also told us that videos on social media apps, like TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, are the reason for more and more adoptions.

Additionally, Lucky's posts many TikTok videos of pets that are visiting the resort and are not up for adoption.

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