ST. LOUIS — Firefighters were called to Goody Goody Diner Monday night for a report of a fire.

A tweet from the fire department said there was smoke coming from the building. Video from inside the building showed significant damage to the building.

Fire crews determined the fire was electrical and said it was an accident. They said the fire started in the refreshment prep area of the kitchen.

Goody Goody Diner has been serving customers since 1948. So it was no surprise that many customers wanted to come eat Tuesday morning.

But they left disappointed about the news. 

"This is my wife's and I's 30th wedding anniversary," one customer said. "We wanted to come and hit one of our favorite St. Louis sites and this happened to be one of them."

Another customer says that it's sad to see this happened since there aren't many businesses open in the area. 

While many are sad that couldn't eat at their favorite establishment, they are excited for Goody Goody's return.

"It's been a St. Louis icon since 1948 and we're going to work hard to have it rebuilt as soon as possible," one of the owners, Joe Safi, said. 

This story is actually getting national attention, because of a new show that aired on A&E called Live Rescue.

At the end of the episode Monday night, it showed the fire department heading to Goody Goody. What viewers didn't see, after the show ended, was the actual response that helped contain this fire in the kitchen.