OLIVETTE, Mo. — Two Olivette families are struggling to deal with the murder of a son and daughter and their surviving children.

Police found Michele Laws and Igor Zhukov shot to death in their car on Monday.

“We’re all broken. We’re just absolutely broken," Kelly Laws, Michele’s sister-in-law said.

Kelly said it was clear just how much her Michele and her partner Igor loved their children.

"Igor and Michele were working hard to support their girls," she said.

She said the 13-year-old and 9-year-old had a good life, but then that changed in November.

"They're definitely broken. They've lost their parents," she said. "This has changed their life indefinitely."

In November, Michele and Igor stopped at Quiktrip at Interstate 270 and Lilac and then disappeared.

"They were very close. They did a lot of their work together," Kelly said.

St. Louis County police finally found them in their car in a north county ravine. The two had been shot to death.

"The family is absolutely devastated. The two little girls they lost their mom and dad."

As police continue to search for answers, Michele's elderly mom is left raising her grandchildren, and figuring out how she'll afford it.

Relatives set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of $10,000. As of Friday night, total donations are at more than $7,000.

"We have to provide for these girls and every little bit would help," Kelly told 5 On Your Side. "We're going to have to do our best to recover from that and keep these girls going."

Police have not released details about possible suspects in the case.