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Granite City Community Care Center asking for help repairing decades-old building

The roof over their heads is collapsing right in front of them.

Known for giving back, the Granite City Community Care Center is now in need of help.

"We had a storm, it actually took the roof back and we came into kind of a nightmare," said Melanie Williams, the center's executive director.

The center sits on the corner of Cleveland Boulevard and 18th Street in Granite City.

It has been building healthy lives since 1953.

"It seems as if times are going, it's harder to find a job, it's harder to put food on the table even for you and I, so we try to help as much as we can," said Williams.

But the center said it could use a helping hand this giving season.

The roof over their heads is collapsing, right in front of them, into buckets spread out on the floor.

"You can see this building's very old. It kind of has a musky smell on this end... here's part of the roof damage," said Williams. 

Volunteers have been working with the smell and deterioration for weeks. 

"That's mainly what we're ran on is volunteers," Williams said. "Everybody that comes in here they come in here because they love their job not necessarily because they love the money which is something that would be great one day to be able to give them more." (Melanie Williams) 

And for the people on the receiving end of these donations, the center — even with all of its nicks — is a Godsend.

"It's great, we need more of them, people need help and if it wasn't for these places they wouldn't get it," one resident said.

Williams said as the non-profit continues to provide into the new year, they could sure use a Christmas miracle.

"It just needs to be revamped, there's a lot of issues and it does such a big thing for this community and it helps so many that we need it." Williams said. 

The center said they are always looking for volunteers and are grateful for any donations that come there way.

Click here for the link to their website.