St. Louis Lambert International Airport is one of dozens of airports impacted by President Trump's decision to ground all Boeing 737-Max 8 planes.

The move comes just days after the most recent crash, Sunday in Ethiopia. Hours later, countries like China and Indonesia grounded that model until they can figure out what's going on.

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At Lambert, officials estimate at least eight percent of Southwest flights in and out of St. Louis are on board Max 8 planes.

Wednesday, Southwest Flight 1311 from Los Angeles to St. Louis was one of the last Max 8 planes to land after the grounding order came while they were up in the air.

"Just relief, just whoo, I couldn’t believe it, man," said Bill Martin.

For Martin, this was just another business flight home. It wasn't until they landed that he discovered they had made news.

"I landed and there was a Twitter feed that popped up that said, President Trump grounded them and I was on one," he said.

Being a frequent flyer, word that President Trump had made the order didn't concern him.

"I believe they’re safe. I wasn’t worried about it. I just wanted to get here," said Martin.

For Joan Roslauski, the grounding made her grateful to have her feet back on the ground.

"I’m glad we’re landed after all this has been talked about," she said.

Saran Donahoo found out, after she had already boarded, that she was on a Max 8.

"But while we were waiting, I was reading the little brochure they have on the back of the seat. And I was like uh huh. Then my brain said - wait - it’s the same plane," Donahoo said.

By that point, it was too late to make a change.

"I just prayed we’d be OK and let it go," Donahoo said.

She thinks there has to be something the government isn't saying to warrant such a bold decision.

"If it’s that important that they can cancel flights, then they should share it with us," Donahoo said.

Meanwhile, Joan said she understands the move.

"It’s OK, I mean, until they find out what’s going on and everything," Roslauski said.

St. Louis Voice contestant Kennedy Holmes was also on the flight.

Her mother tells 5 On Your Side, they didn't know about the grounding either, until our station called to confirm they were on board.

Southwest said if you have a flight in the next 14 days, you can reschedule on a new plane, free of charge.

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