HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A mother is disgusted and a Hazelwood School District teacher is in trouble about what the mom said happened to her daughter.

Erica Sanders said a Lawson Elementary School teacher spit a mouthful of sunflower seeds at her daughter’s face as she was standing near several students. Kaylee Bell, 11, said she cried after it happened and said she felt disrespected.

“It made me feel disgusted," she said. "It made me feel like a piece of trash, like he treated me like nothing. Like I was a garbage can he was spitting sunflower seeds in.”

Sanders said this isn’t the first time she has had issues with this teacher. Sanders said she removed Kaylee from his class last year because he kept trying to find ways to get her in trouble.

Sanders said she complained to the school principal on Friday about the teacher spitting sunflower seeds. She also said the teacher called her to apologize, stating that he acted in poor judgment. Sanders said the apology did not make her feel any better about how her daughter was treated.

“I can't go to school with her every day and sit there and guard her from someone she is supposed to trust.” Sanders wants the teacher fired.

A spokesperson for the Hazelwood School District says the teacher was placed on administrative leave while the district investigates.

Sanders says she met with the principal and a police officer today. However, the teacher isn't facing any charges and it's not clear how long the district investigation will take.