ST. LOUIS COUNTY - Under the Friday night lights at Trinity Catholic High School was Friday night ice, but dedicated families showed up, bundled up, and that means the man who sells them tickets had to be there, too.

Meet Jerry Siesener, who says he's taught here for 42 years.

"History, everybody's favorite subject," Siesener said. Jerry says Friday night could go in the history books.

"I got accumulation! I never had accumulation on the table - I gotta get a shovel," Jerry said.

But there was no time for shovels, and only precious seconds for protection from the cold.

"I can't handle money with gloves on so I have to put my gloves on between people," Siesener said.

Always joking, Jerry managed to make the most out of a frozen night under the Friday night lights.

This was the last home game of the season, and for Jerry, it wasn't a minute too soon, but he's a trooper.