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Cool Down St. Louis looking to help those who need it as temperatures rise

Local group can pay your electricity bill or provide your with free window a/c unity

ST. LOUIS — The calendar flipped to June and on queue, temperatures soared into the 90s. With Midwest humidity thrown in the mix, the heat can be dangerous and deadly. 

There are resources to keep Missouri and Illinois cool this summer. If you face one of the following situations, here's how you can get help.

I can't afford my electricity bill, so I am not running the A/C.

Gentry Trotter with Cool Down St. Louis begs for people not to do this and to tell their friends and family not to either. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regional electricity providers are not disconnecting or discontinuing service. 

If you cannot pay some or all of your bill, fill out this form. Be sure to include: 

  • Amount due for your utility bill
  • Name of the utility company and account number
  • How many people are in your household

The team at Cool Down St. Louis will help match you to funding to bring down your bill and they can also provide some cost saving tips. 

"We can put you on budget billing," Trotter told 5 On Your Side. "That's the key here, it saves you a lot of aggravation." 

Click here to learn more about Ameren's Budget Billing option

For billing questions and disputes, contact your energy provider, not Cool Down St. Louis. 

I do not have a working air conditioner.

Due to demand and area needs, Cool Down St. Louis can only provide free window air conditioners for seniors and the physically disabled. 

"The heat impacts them, it exacerbates those ailments, so it makes it worse for them," Trotter explained. "It's hard to cool many of their bodies and it's hard to recognize when their bodies are hot."

If you are a senior or are physically disabled, or know someone who is and needs a unit, call the Cool Down St. Louis hotline 314-241-0001 or fill out this form

All A/C unit requests will be screened. 

I am a renter and my landlord won't fix a broken a/c unit. 

Cool Down St. Louis may be able to make a few calls on your behalf, but your best option is to contact your local housing authority or health department. 

Click here for more on your rights as a Missouri renter. Repairs are addressed on pages 12 and 13. 

Click here for more on your rights as an Illinois renter

I need a place to cool down. 

Before venturing out to a mall, library or community center, check to see if they are open and what the restrictions are. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some facilities are operating at limited capacity. 

Click here for a list of cooling sites and contact information.

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