ST. PETERS, Mo. - A full workday, work relationships, and that community feel our work family provides is something that most of us take for granted, but not all of us are given the opportunity to experience.

Boone Center Incorporated is providing that experience for adults with disabilities.

Tony Spielberg, the CEO of the company, says BCI is a place where people can realize their full potential.

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“BCI is a company that was founded on the principles of helping adults with disabilities recognize their full potential and gives them the opportunity to achieve whatever their goals or dreams are as far as somewhere to work, somewhere to socialize, and somewhere to realize their full potential”, Spielberg said.

Realizing their full potential is more than just work. It’s about that sweet balance found between work and personal life.

“Not only are they building their trade or skill on a manufacturing line, they’re also able to build friendships, form social circles, do things outside of work, it really leads to that balanced life”, Spielberg said.

What makes Boone Center different from other employment opportunities is their company culture.

“I think that the biggest part of what we do here at BCI to differentiate ourselves is to have an all in one culture. We don’t differentiate between abilities and disabilities, we are fully integrated here. Everybody is treated the same and once they walk out of the door at Boone Center they don’t always have that opportunity”, Spielberg said.

It’s evident that the culture is a defining factor in BCI’s success. Donna M., a BCI employee, says her co-workers feel like family.

“I enjoy working with all of them, they’re family. When I introduced myself to them and they introduced themselves to me it felt like home”, Donna said. “It feels good, I’d rather work every day like all day and all night, that’s how much I love my job. I’m just ready to come back to work the next day”.

BCI wants to give every adult with a disability the opportunity to experience a fulfilled, balanced life.

“When I joined Boone Center one of the things I realized is where do you see adults with disabilities in the workplace. I saw a lot of folks at great places like Schnucks and Dierbergs and kudos to them, but I also thought why can’t we do more. Why can’t we get bigger corporations to buy into employing our folks”, Spielberg said.

BCI wants to be at the forefront of a revolution, the inclusion revolution. A phrase coined by Spielberg that speaks to what BCI hopes to accomplish.

“This whole inclusion revolution will help corporate partners understand that it’s okay to take a look at alternative employment opportunities. What separates us from of the pack out there is that we don’t just hire folks to support their disability we actually hire them to support their abilities”, Spielberg said.

What makes BCI successful is the cohesion between everyone.

“All the staff is encouraging all of us to work hard every day and get our job done to show everybody that we can get our job done every day”, Donna said.

Proving to everybody that the job can be done is something BCI strives to do every day.