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Illinois, Missouri in top 10 for catalytic converter theft claims

State Farm says both states have seen sharp increases in thefts over the past year

ILLINOIS, USA — Living in Illinois or Missouri makes you more liable to be a victim of a stolen catalytic converter according to a study from State Farm.

New data from the company shows catalytic converter theft is a growing problem across the country, with both Missouri and Illinois seeing dramatic increases this past year.

In a ranking of catalytic converter theft claims over the last year, Missouri came in seventh. The state experienced 467 claims. 

Illinois had even more theft claims, with 997, putting it in fourth place nationally.

There were 18,000 thefts nationally, compared to just 4,500 the previous year. 

California led the nation in catalytic converter theft with more than 6,400 theft claims.

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If my catalytic converter is stolen, am I covered?

  • Insurance can cover the theft of auto parts, but only if you have the right coverage. 
  • Talk with your agent to make sure you understand your coverage.

How can I help prevent catalytic converter theft?

  • Park in a garage or secured, well-lit area
  • Catalytic converters can be marked or engraved to label the device
  • Some garages will install a panel or cage to cover the part and protect it from potential thieves

Why catalytic converters?

  • With the right tools, these auto parts can be easily removed, especially on taller vehicles. Thieves can then sell the stolen parts.
  • Catalytic converters contain small amounts of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, which can potentially be extracted and sold.