The boil order in the Metro East could be lifted as early as Friday afternoon, Illinois-American announced Thursday.

The company is testing more than 40 water samples from the area, and if they meet state and federal water quality standards, the order will be lifted.

It's welcome news for baristas at Pour at 322 in downtown Belleville.

"It's been a disappointing couple of days to say the least,” Zack Bair said.

Bair says the shop hasn't been able to use any of its machines because they're all connected to the water supply. They're only able to serve pour-over coffee, boiling each cup individually.

"I had a line of 10 people earlier and it probably took 30 to 45 minutes to get them all out of here, but every one of them was kind and just grateful to be getting coffee that was clean,” he said.

Illinois-American says the boil order was issued because 25 water main breaks in the Metro East caused the pressure to drop in the water distribution system. When the pressure dips below a certain point, the EPA says contaminants can enter the water supply, and a boil order must be issued until that water is tested.