CENTREVILLE, Ill. – A pothole problem in the Metro East has homeowners demanding action. Like many places in our area right now, the City of Centreville is dealing with too many potholes.

According to Mayor Marius Jackson, this is the season for potholes. Throughout the winter, crews have been salting the streets. Then, the trucks come in and plow, which digs the pavement up and creates those crater-like potholes.

"It's in disarray,” described Lawrence Harris, who has lived on Trendley Avenue for 12 years. “It's not a street anymore,” he said.

"The city comes out and puts out gravel,” Harris explained. “But, you see how the gravel is, the gravel just moves when it rains. And when the trucks pass through, the gravel goes everywhere, so now you have the holes everywhere,” Harris said.

5 On Your Side was there when city trucks came by to fill in the potholes with gravel. But Harris said it’s come to a point where drivers are maneuvering through people’s yards to dodge the potholes.

"So, what they do is when they come down and they want to miss the potholes, they drive over on the edge of these lots, which you can't blame them because they don't want to tear their cars up,” he explained.

Mayor Marius Jackson told 5 On Your Side that it has to be at least 55 degrees consistently to be able to fill over potholes. On top of that, the city is working with a $100,000 grant for everything related to its streets. But, you have to remember that paving over one street can cost roughly $70,000.

People who live in this one Centreville neighborhood said they’re concerned this is becoming a trend.

"Every year, the potholes get bigger and the bumps expand,” said Mahira Cary, who also lives in Centreville.

Harris said he has a very simple request for the city.

"I would like to see this street graded down and put in the way it's supposed to be, that's all,” Lawrence said.

Mayor Jackson said that there is a list of streets that are in need of repair. The city looks at the condition of the street and how much traffic runs through that street.