WENTZVILLE, Mo. — The motto 'In God We Trust' has done more than just sit displayed in the city hall of an St. Charles County suburb; instead, it's created ongoing controversy among its residents.

In a large font sprawled across the front of the Wentzville Board of Alderman are the words which make up the official motto for the United States, 'In God We Trust.' Tuesday, both supporters and critics met outside of Wentzville City Hall to shed light on their belief system.


"The national motto is a way of promoting religious belief, favoring religious belief... favoring monotheism over other kinds of religious belief," said Scott Mckellar, who disapproved of the wording.

"The scripture tells us that our elected officials are here under God," said Mary Lou Rogers, a supporter of the motto. "And so we do, we pray for our elected officials."

The motto was a part of the original plans for the new city hall building which opened last November. There were no votes or motions made on the future of the motto Tuesday night.