ALTON, Ill – The I-Team has obtained new exclusive details on a 2010 cold case.

It's been nearly eight years since an east Alton woman vanished from the nursing home parking lot where she worked.

Bonnie Woodward, 48, hasn't been seen since June 2010.

The I-Team's cameras were the only ones rolling as state police conducted searches on the Jersey County property of one of the original suspects in this case, 52-year-old Roger Carroll.

Police searched Carroll's 60-acre property for Woodward's remains back in 2010 but he was never charged in connection with her disappearance. Carroll's finger prints were, however, found on Woodward's truck.

The I-Team has also confirmed that Carroll is currently in custody in Jersey County on a domestic assault charge. He's pleaded no contest.

Around the same time as Woodward's disappearance in 2010, Carroll was charged with obstruction of justice and harboring a runaway. That runaway turned out to be Woodward's teenage daughter. The connection between the two events remains largely a mystery.

Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons said it's a case his office has never forgotten about.

"The case has never been closed and we've never stopped looking. it's so important for victims and families and the community as a whole to have conclusion, certainty of what happened, with a case as big as this," said Gibbons.

The official announcement from the state prosecutor’s office on this case will take place at 3:30 p.m. Thursday in Alton.