JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri, has released the names of 33 priests and religious brothers found through a sexual abuse investigation to be "credibly accused" or removed from ministry in the diocese.

The names were released Thursday by Bishop W. Shawn McKnight. The list includes 25 priests from the diocese, three priests from other areas who previously served in the Jefferson City diocese, and five members of a religious order.

Fourteen of the 33 men named are dead. Many of them are elderly. The diocese says the most recent case of physical sexual abuse found in the investigation occurred in 1997.

McKnight says in a statement that while many of the incidents occurred years ago, the pain is still a reality for victims and their loved ones.

Here are the full list of names released Thursday.

"Clergy and religious brothers who have served in the Diocese of Jefferson City who have been credibly accused of actions which were in violation of the Charter for The Protection of Children and Young People (“Charter”) or which would have constituted a violation of the Charter if the Charter had been in effect:"

  • Hugh Behan
  • Kevin Clohessy
  • Manus Daly
  • John B. DeAngelis
  • John Degnan
  • Brendan Doyle
  • Thomas Duggan
  • Stephen Faletti
  • John Fischer
  • Gerald/Carmen Sita Howard
  • John Long
  • Patrick McMyler
  • James McNally
  • James Mohan
  • Silas Musholt
  • Anthony O'Connell
  • John Pender
  • Gary Pool
  • John Schutty
  • Robert Scobee
  • Thomas Seifner
  • Sean Smyth
  • Timothy Tatro
  • Donald Wallace
  • Frank Westhoff
  • John Whiteley
  • Bro. Dominic Nixon
  • Bro. Eric Lucas
  • Bro. Jude Collins

"Clergy who have served in the Diocese of Jefferson City found by the diocesan bishop to be unsuitable for ministry out of concern for the safety of our youth:"

  • David Buescher
  • Robert Duesdieker
  • Deusdedit Mulokozi
  • Eric Schlachter

Below is the full news release from the Diocese of Jefferson City, including the diocese where each man served and whether he is deceased or was removed from the ministry. If you're having trouble viewing the document, click here.