JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Growing up, most of us were taught to be nice to one another. Some of us live that lesson to the fullest.

Gerald Withers, 11, of Festus is one of those people.

Last November, Withers spotted a motorcyclist lying in a ditch after a crash.

“I couldn't just let that go by in my mind,” said Withers.

He told his family and they called 911 and helped save the man's life.

“If it's something to do that's going to be the right thing, I’m going to make the right choice and I’m going to do it,” said Withers.

That attitude helped Withers win a “Do the Right Thing” award. It even landed him some swag from his favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers.

“I’ve got all that stuff hanging on my wall at home,” he said.

Thursday, Rob Bates was looking to give away his Cardinals tickets to someone who did an act of kindness for someone else.

His family decided to hold a contest on Facebook for their tickets to Saturday’s Cardinals game. To win, contestants just had to post about an act of kindness they did for someone else.

Thursday night, Bates’ family picked Withers as the winner and proved kindness is contagious.

“The thing that really caught my eye was such a young man doing such a courageous thing,” said Bates.

With a handshake and a hug, Bates proudly handed four tickets to Withers. Each ticket’s face value is over $100.

Going to the game is a rare treat for Withers.

“Well, being that it's my second time going it's very exciting,” he said. “It feels amazing just to know that if you do something kind it can come back to you.”

“His whole family's proud and we hope it influences other kids out there. we really do,” said Withers’ grandfather, Bob Bruenger. “It'll make a better place for America.”

One act of kindness inspired another. And for Withers, lead to hope that good will off the field leads to inspired play on it.

“I hope the Cardinals win, that’s for sure.”