ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Our cameras were rolling during a stunning arrest at a south St. Louis County blood bank.

An employee was accused of sexually exposing himself to a woman giving plasma.

Donors at CSL Plasma were shocked as police handcuffed the man and drove away.

The I-Team talked with the victim, a traumatized mother, who said all she wanted to do was donate blood.

"We're planning a family trip and of course I’m trying to make some extra cash," said the woman who asked we not identify her name.

The mother of five stopped by the blood bank to give plasma but that never happened. She said she was waiting inside the business in a small stall closed by a curtain.

An employee entered and began checking her vitals. Suddenly she said, he sexually exposed himself.

"He did touch himself, saying vulgar things to me with his head back, eyes closed. I jumped up to leave and he grabbed my behind," said the woman.

The man was arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct.

Patients we broke the news to were in disbelief.

"Never would I... I don't even know what to say, that's crazy!" said Erica Smith, a long-time donor at CSL plasma.

"I would be worried. You have a stick a needle in my arm. You never know what's on your hands, you just put it in someone's veins. you're just spreading diseases and such," said Deon Hollins, who finished giving blood just moments before the arrest Friday.

Still haunted by her experience, the woman said she's glad police took her claim seriously.

"Always say something, always tell no matter how small it seems, or how big it seems," said the woman.

CSL lab staff had no comment about the incident. the St. Louis County police said charges against the man could be filed by Saturday morning.