ST. LOUIS – The Blues lucky charm was at Enterprise Center for their Game 4 win.

Laila Anderson got to interview Colton Parayko after the game.

Frank Cusumano handed Laila the mic after the game and she asked Parayko how he felt about the big win.

“It’s huge for us, obviously it was a big game. We knew it was going to be tough if we had to go into Boston down 3-to-1, so we’re excited! We played a really good game as a team,” Parayko said. He said the team could hear the fans cheering loud.

Laila asked Parayko how he felt about David Backes getting a little aggressive with them,

“I mean - it’s understandable obviously that he played here and that’s kind of how it goes, especially in the finals, we’re both going after what we’ve dreamed of as kids, totally understandable, so continue to be hard on him and hopefully keep him frustrated! We shall see,” Parayko said.

The Blues are tied the series, 2-2, and play in Boston on Thursday.


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