ST. LOUIS — A 30-inch water main break has caused a large hole to open up on Lindell Boulevard along the north edge of Forest Park.

"This is pretty major," said Water Distribution Superintendent Vincent Foggie.

The view from Sky5 showed the hole was in the middle three lanes of Lindell.

Cracks spread out from the hole into the other direction of traffic. The entire road is shut down just east of Union Boulevard.

Water that burst from the pipe filled the hole in the middle of Lindell and also flowed down the side of the street. It also caused a slowdown to the nearby MetroLink service.

The pipe that burst is called a transmission main, which carries water from the pumping station underground to serve other parts of the city. Because of this, a precautionary boil order has been issued for parts of south St. Louis.

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As for what caused the break, Foggie said it could be a combination of things.

"Weather, heat, expansion, contraction, road and the piping itself. You name it, it could be that. When you're pushing certain temperature water through the pipe, that can be part of it," he explained.

Foggie said it could be another four days before everything is repaired. Crews will be able to fix the pipe itself pretty quickly, it's the surface work on the road that will likely take a little longer.

Lindell Boulevard will remain closed from Union to the area of West Pine and Kingshighway while crews complete the repairs.

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