What if I told you that you could laugh your butt off and do a good deed in the same place for just ten dollars? On Dec. 11 at the Funny Bone, you can help a tragically assaulted woman recover by attending a comedy showcase with some of the best and brightest funny souls in St. Louis.

Local comedian Max Price has been putting together this monthly special comedy event located in Westport Plaza for 15 months for one simple reason: shining a spotlight on gifted, local comedians.

"Building the showcase into what it is now has taken a lot of time and effort, but it’s been worth it. I love being able to showcase the city’s best talent along with the best of other cities here and there. Shows like these are very important for local comics and having continual support to keep it going is key," said Price about the event.

But this particular event will mean much more to Price and other performing comics such as Bobby Jaycox and Duke Taylor: they are raising money for Cassie Nodiff, a St. Louis model who was tragically assaulted on Oct. 1 by her photographer ex-boyfriend, Daylan Miller.

Nodiff was beaten unconscious by Miller, suffering minor brain bleeding, a severe concussion, a fractured orbital bone, broken nose, eight broken teeth, a broken finger, and some other light injuries. An unthinkable crime that a group of people are trying to rally around. The wide range of injuries is going to keep the young woman in the hospital for quite some time, so a laundry list of hospital bills will mount. Enter Price's Funny Bone Showcase.

"Shows like these are very important for local comics and having continual support to keep it going is key. I’m especially happy when I’m able to use it as a fundraiser resource to help out people in need such as the one in December," said Price about the event's substantial impact.

Do yourself a favor and put your hard working dollars on Dec. 11 into this event. There will be drinks, laughs, food, and good people going to bat for a woman who got something no one deserved.

The event is a labor of love for Price, who also works at the wonderful St. Louis breakfast and lunch hotspot, Southwest Diner. He does the booking, paying, promoting, marketing, poster designing, and general leg work. In short, Price sets the table and cleans it up for the sake of spreading the word about great talent in the local area.

The Nov. 15 show can be had for free if you mention "Max Price" at the door, but the Dec. 11 show will cost in order to raise funds for Nodiff. Every penny and dollar helps a severely traumatized woman in need of rescue.

Nothing is going to take away the blunt horror that Cassie Nodiff dealt with in October, but this is the rare opportunity for the public to do their part in helping her come back and heal, while also taking the stress and pain of your own life away by laughing very, very hard.

I'll be in attendance, showing support for Cassie and watching comics like Jack Schurk do their thing up on the stage where they belong. Price will perform as well, because no one does 15 jobs without slinging a few jokes of his own.

These souls do this for the love of the game and to get noticed, but this December, it's different.

This one is for Cassie Nodiff. Come on out, do a good deed this holiday season, and catch a few laughs.

*You can get into the Nov. 15 show by mentioning "Max Price" at the box office.

*Spread awareness for the show by visiting the Facebook page. Reservations can be made by calling (314) 469-6692.