LADUE, Mo. — When shop-owner Kristen Mayer went to Las Vegas on a buying trip for her store in January, her landlord asked her to place a bet on the St. Louis Blues. 

"My landlord popped in one day and threw a $100 bill at me and said, 'you need to go find a sports book and bet on the Blues. And we're gonna split it,' said Mayer, who owns the Spotted Pig in Ladue. "I went to Vegas and searched out a couple different sports books and found the William Hill one. It had the best odds at that point, 200 to one."

Their $100 bet would be worth $20 thousand dollars if the Blues were to win the Stanley Cup Final.

But unfortunately, when Mayer got back home, she realized she had lost the ticket.

"I mean, for a week straight I dug through everything," Mayer said.

But she just couldn’t find the ticket. And to make things worse, it was then February and the Blues were winning games.

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"This didn’t sit well with me at all," Mayer said. "I found a friend in Vegas to place another $100 bet -- it was only 80 to 1 odds at that point -- because I couldn’t bear the loss of this ticket."

With that, Mayer made her landlord happy again. If the Blues win, they'll receive eight thousand dollars off the ticket.

And as luck would have it, that first ticket wasn't so long-lost after all.

"Pretty much a week later, I go digging into my makeup pouch. And a little secret pouch -- I apparently put the ticket in it."

Now, between both tickets, Mayer and her landlord will make $28,000 if the Blues take the cup.

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